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Client needs are your top priority. Their needs become our highest priority, too.

Just as your clients expect the best from you, you should demand the best from your partners. That’s why you choose us for your clients' benefits communications, enrollment and voluntary benefits needs. The Greater Benefit we provide is always the highest level of service available. And, we’ll do that consistently, year after year.

Your clients will appreciate the simplicity of a comprehensive voluntary benefits package offered through Farmington Company. Our unique set of administrative services is unmatched in the industry and relieves your clients of additional work. If you wish, we’ll oversee and manage their entire program -- from communication to enrollment to administration -- including billing reconciliation and policyholder services. Soup to nuts and every course in between! Partner with us and profit from our many years of experience and our list of over 1,100 clients.


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Did You Know

41 percent of employees spend 15 minutes or less poring over their benefits options prior to enrollment.

How does this quarter-hour spent on benefits planning compare to other decisions workers make?

  • Researching for new car purchases — 10 hours;
  • Planning family vacations — 5 hours;
  • Shopping for new computers — 4 hours;
  • Deciding what television to buy — 2 hours.

*According to the 2014 Aflac Open Enrollment Survey


Healthcare is evolving rapidly. We strive to be a rock in the storm and a preferred partner to our clients helping them successfully communicate and deliver voluntary benefit programs. And always, we work for the greater benefit.

Our Greater Benefit

Laser Focused

We’re solely focused on communicating and administering all benefit programs including voluntary plans. It’s what we do ... and what we do best. We serve all of our clients with the goal of creating a voluntary benefits program with best-in-class products while providing an outstanding level of service. Making benefit plans Greater through enhanced communications and offering an array of voluntary benefits allows your clients to better understand what you offer, providing a custom-fit to their individual needs.

Increased Value

We impact the way employees feel about, understand and utilize their benefit options. How do we do it? It’s all in Benefits Communications. We take benefit plans and amplify their value in the eyes of the employees through Communication and Education. We make it easy to offer a comprehensive voluntary benefits program and enhance benefit communication efforts, often at no cost. In fact, our communication and administration services are unmatched in the industry and relieve our clients of the daily management of voluntary benefit programs.

Fiercely Independent

We’re an independent organization. This means that we have the flexibility to work with any number of insurance carriers in the market. The result is best-in-class products – leveraged by the combined purchasing power of your group and our entire client base – for you and your clients Greater Benefit.

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